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About Us

Hello! Welcome to nomnomnom, our little foodie home on the web. We’re Ross and Bonita, and we love food. By day, we are in the software, technology, and design industries, but by night, the foodies within us come out!

Who are we kidding, the foodies within us are always there!

We review restaurants in and around the Gauteng area, and sometimes expand our boundaries to neighbouring provinces (and occasionally other countries when we travel). We also submit recipes of meals that we’ve prepared when we aren’t out and about. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favourite dish! Occasionally, we are invited to events and festivals, we’ll give you the skinny on these too!

We’re sure you have a favourite eatery that you would like us to go check out – please drop us a line with your recommendations on our Contact Us page.  If you are not one for dining out, or simply feel that you could outdo the Ritz in the kitchen department, send us your recipes! We’ll try them out and let you know what we think!

On the opposite side of the coin, let us know if there is a type of restaurant or place that you are looking for. Say you go clubbing, finish, and at 2am before you go home you figure, “I wonder where I can get a good espresso?”, you drive around for hours (or something close to that) but unfortunately can’t find anything! Let us know about this unfortunate predicament so that we can find a place to recommend! We cannot guarantee that we’ll get back to you while you’re looking at 2:30 am, but we can try for as soon as possible after that!

Have a look at our site, enjoy the content, and perhaps find a hidden gem in your area!

Oh, and just a side-note, while we may have reviews of restaurants, we are not affiliated with them, nor are we able to book tables. For that you’ll need to contact the restaurants directly!

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