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Posted by on 11 Feb 2010 in Events | 2 comments

Whiskey Evening Comments and Photos

Whiskey Evening Comments and Photos

Towards the end of last year, we hosted a whiskey evening. All guests were asked to bring a whiskey of their choice that was not yet listed on the invitation, as well as updating the list with what they would be bringing (facebook is a great tool for events organization!). This was great fun as we tried various whiskeys, and gave our feedback on each.

Some comments we received from guests were:

on the Jameson:

Ilani: “Smooth and silky” πŸ™‚
Shane: “As smooth as the ads on telly say it is. Bit of a bite at first, but oh so good!” Then later added: “My fave for the night, but I didn’t have Jack Daniels.” πŸ˜›
Richardvz: “A smooth drinking whisky, nice aftertaste with flair.”
MC: “A bit sweeter than Jack Daniels – easy drinking.”

on the J&B:

JP: “Nice, very nice for sipping.”

on the Blair Logie:

Ross: “Very smooth, better as the ice melts. Light, easy drinking.”
Riaan: “Nice! Unless you’re Scottish, don’t try to pronounce it!” πŸ˜€
Bonita: “Gets my vote!”
Richardvz: “Best value for money. Smooth whisky. Really good.”

on the Talisker:

Ross: “Sharp initial taste, to be savoured. Light, woody taste.”
Franz: “Lekker!” πŸ™‚

on the Jack Daniels:

Gaz: “Need I say more…”
MC: “Always a winner!”
Ilani: “Nice and easy.. should have brought some orange and honey, nice with a shooter!” πŸ˜‰

on the Johnnie Black:

Alex: “nom nom nom nom nom!”

on the Johnnie Red:

Shane: “Has a strong overtone. Finish is smoother than the start.”

on the Three Ships:

JP: “Not bad to start with, but extremely strong aftertaste.”

on the Glendower 8-yr old:

Shane: “Minty zing. Rolls off the tongue.”
Bonita: “WOW! Light in colour.. sweetish, smooth taste. I think I’ve found a new favourite!” πŸ˜€
Ross: “First taste has a bite but still smooth. A great whiskey. Stays very strong the whole way through, pour a single…”

on the Caol Ila 18-yr old:

Richardvz: “Superb! Reminds me of the Highlands. Beautiful.”
Riaan: “Great whiskey, should go great with Sprite Zero.. JUST KIDDING!!!! It’s not often we get treated like this.. thanks Ross!!”
JP: “The best – goes down well with no aftertaste.”
Whiskey Evening Photos
Below are the photos from the evening.  Guests are invited to leave further comments below this post, pleeeease!!!! πŸ˜€

For full details on this evening, a list of attendees and a summary on the whiskeys, check out Ross’s post on this here.

Real Sushi, Norwood
Whiskey Evening


  1. Was a SUPA evening! Like Riaan’s comment on the 18 yr old Caol Ila! he he he…and Bonita, spot on, on the Glendower! It was also my fav πŸ™‚

    • indeed!! the Glendower was incredibly NOM!! πŸ˜€


  1. Whiskey Evening - For full details on this evening, a list of attendees and a summary on the whiskeys, check out Ross’s post…

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