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Posted by on 11 Feb 2010 in Events | 5 comments

Whiskey Evening

Whiskey Evening

Due to requests from our readership, and much internal debate (not really), we have decided to launch a drinks section! Sticking to our current motto of doing things our own way, we took a completely amateur approach. For the most part, you are not going to find comments on the flavour and tones of the drinks, but what you will find is a breakdown of what we liked and what we didn’t. Our first endeavor into this exciting world was a completely amateur but endlessly fun whiskey tasting evening!

We started planning a while in advance, what with formulating a guest list of people that enjoy whiskey (and later introducing some of those people to drinking it neat…), a book that would contain all the opinions, as well as planning what snacks would go well with whiskey. One thing that came to the fore, was cut up strawberries dipped in pepper. This changes the flavour of the whiskey if you drink it straight after having a bite, and what a taste explosion it was! Also featuring were mussels, goats cheese, crackers of various kinds, olives and generally anything with a very strong flavour. So, to get things started, here is a breakdown of our almost-expert panel of judges, taken from how they wrote their names in ‘The Book’;

  • Ross
  • Bonita
  • Shane
  • Riaan
  • Franz
  • MC
  • JP
  • Ilani
  • Richard
  • Gaz
  • Alex

Of course, what would a whiskey evening be without a selection of whiskeys!   Part of our planning process, was to ensure that everyone brought a different whiskey (not an easy feat, I’ll have you know!).   So, after weeks of nagging planning, here is the final list of whiskeys that we had for the evening;

The socialising was awesome, the drinks were awesome, in fact the entire evening was awesome!   All the whiskeys were placed on a table along with the snacks, with the idea that everyone should just pour themselves a shot of whatever they feel like and leave their comments in the book (Bonita has ever so kindly put all of this together).

Eventually, one of the tasters came to me and said;

“Great evening, but it would have been nice if there was a bottle of something really fantastic that could have been brought out about now.”

With that, we brought out the stunner for the night, a bottle of 18 year old Caol Ila, a rare Islay malt.   This was passed around and the facial expressions told the story better than words could.   If you can, pick up a bottle.   Yes, it’s expensive, but every sip is worth every penny!

Now what kind of reviewers would we be, if we didn’t tell you what the people thought of the whiskeys?   For the comments, as well as some photos of the evening, click here to view Bonita’s compilation of them!

Whiskey Evening Comments and Photos
Chef and the Fat Man, Breakfast, Centurion


  1. Great evening! Counting the days to the red wine tasting…

  2. Yeah mate!
    When is the Wine Evening!?

  3. Thank you Ross & Bonita! What a special evening…it was nice tasting all the whiskeys…and yes the strawberries & peppa really made a difference to the taste 🙂

    • Was a pleasure! I also loved the pepper and strawberries. You learn very quickly not to overdo the pepper though…

  4. If my name is not on the guest list for the next Whisky Evening, you two lovely people are in DEEP KAK. Note the spelling. Jamesons and Jack Daniels are the only two whiskeys in your list (pedantic rant off :-)). Sounds like it was a great evening which should be repeated soon. The current weather is very appropriate 🙂


  1. Whiskey Evening Comments and Photos - Want to see what people thought of the whiskeys? For the comments, as well as some photos of the evening,…

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