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Posted by on 12 Nov 2009 in Recipes | 0 comments

Chilli Potato Sauté

Chilli Potato Sauté

Now I’m not sure if sauté is the right word, but Wikipedia seems to agree… This is a great flavourful accompaniment to a meal as a starch.

First, you need the following (for 2 people):

  • 3x Medium to large potatoes
  • 1x Onion
  • Some olive oil
  • Some chilli flakes
  • Some garlic flakes
  • Celery salt (or normal salt)

Peel your potatoes and cut them up into relatively small pieces (think of cutting into chips, and then quartering that).   Take these, and steam them for 5-7 minutes or boil them for about 10 minutes.

While you are boiling/steaming (the latter is recommended) the potatoes, peel the onion and quarter it.   Take a quarter and chop it up relatively fine, if you really like onion, increase this to a half…

Get a pan ready at a relatively high heat and throw in the onions and about a teaspoon of olive oil.   Fry the onions for a while until they go almost clear.   By now your potatos should be about ready, throw these into the mix as well about half a teaspoon worth of garlic flakes.   Stir these around for a while, occasionally throwing in a bit of the chilli flakes (to taste).   Keep stirring everything, and while doing so, splash the mix with olive oil.   Your ultimate goal is to not have a layer of oil at the bottom of the pan, but to have just a light coating of oil over everything (all in all around 4 teaspoons of oil max)   Once you have got your chilli / potato ratio to your satisfaction, turn the plate down a notch and let the potatos fry for a bit in the olive oil.   Do this for about 3-5 minutes at a time before mixing things up to keep it from burning.   This should brown the potatoes nicely.

Poke the potato bits with a fork or knife to see if they are done right (some people like them really soft, others like them pretty raw), and then serve!

Tip: If this recipe doesn’t work for you, try it a few times with different spices and cooking times, it took me forever to get it right!   I’m hoping that Tess will give up the original recipe that I based this on at some point (hint hint if Tess is reading this, you know who you are!)

Que Sera
Da Francesca

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