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Posted by on 7 Feb 2010 in Reviews | 4 comments

Chef and the Fat Man, Breakfast, Centurion

Chef and the Fat Man, Breakfast, Centurion

Last Saturday, we joined some friends for a breakfast at “Chef and the Fat Man” in Centurion. We were told that it’s R35 for a full buffet breakfast. This sounded too good to be true and, upon arrival, we almost thought it was!

The restaurant is decorated quite fashionably, with a bookshelf, and a tree growing right inside. The tree is a “Common Coral Tree”. But more on this later! We double checked, to be told that the price definitely is R35, for a full buffet breakfast.

The manager, Nick, was incredibly friendly, and came to our table to personally greet us.

Our coffee arrived soon after we ordered it and, after a few sips and chatter, we headed over to the breakfast buffet bar. The selection was vast, and amazing!! From crumpets and pancakes, to the traditional bacon, eggs, beans and toast, all the way to a selection of cereals, muesli and yoghurt, there was definitely something for everyone’s taste. What’s more is that the food preparations looked mouthwatering and fresh, and again we wondered about the R35 special. This is absolutely a steal for a breakfast of this quality!

Another special that was advertised, which I HAVE TO go try out, is “All You Can Eat Sushi”, available Sunday to Thursday at a price of R195, during lunch or supper. (The advertisement for this showed some awesome pics of sushi types which I’ve never seen before, and aren’t commonly seen ever – I don’t think you’ll find any of these at your local fish markets or sushi bars! I’m hoping that the pictures displayed are not only for advertising purposes alone!) I’ll have to try this out..

Back to the breakfast.. I was hoping to head over for seconds, to try out the crumpets, but I just didn’t have a spot left in my stomach! However, the manager brought over a plate of sugary dough balls (like jam doughnuts without the jam), and koeksisters.. and honestly, who can resist a plate of noms such as this, placed right infront of you?!?! I tried one of each, and they were incredibly nom! The sugary dough balls were freshly baked and still warm, and the koeksisters had that perfect combination of not-too-sweet, but still sticky and chewy – an absolutely nomnomnom end to a delicious breakfast!

The menu was also quite a fun treat for the eyes. The menus are laid out in a newspaper fashion, with meal types and other information displayed as “articles”. Although the newspaper style has been seen before, it’s always fun and different from the regular menu style. The menu includes random information and facts, such as info about the Common Coral Tree growing inside the restaurant. At first I thought this was some amazing form of rubber plant work, but I climbed up (the step around it, not the tree itself!) and checked the leaves.. Definitely a real tree!

Common Coral Tree

The Common Coral Tree, inside the restaurant.

The menu invites patrons to participate in interesting events at the restaurant, such as “Cooking with the Chef” and trying out the “Wine of the Month” at dinner. There is also an offer for a free work-out at Top Box (a boxing gym located in Fourways) for any bills exceeding R500.

Chef and the Fat Man has an absolutely awesome vibe, and I’m looking forward to returning for more buffet breakfasts, all you can eat sushi, and a quiet dinner or 2, or 3, or more!

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  1. Sjoe this sounds to good to be true! We will surely go there someday for a breakie! Awww I cant eat shusi now that im preggies…but will also keep it in mind! 🙂

  2. Wow…we will have to check it out!

  3. awesome. looks like fun!!

  4. I had the oppertunity to eat at this wonderful restaurant. Amazing prices with even better food and not to talk about their service quality.

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