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Posted by on 10 Jan 2010 in Reviews | 2 comments

Cobblestone Pub, Montecasino

Cobblestone Pub, Montecasino

Back to January, back to work, and back to rushing. This was true for our arrival at Montecasino to go and watch Cinderella on ice, which was breathtaking, but that’s another review for another site… In between all the madness, we both realised we were famished, so we headed off to Cobblestones for supper. After being there once before and remembering that we enjoyed it back then, we figured we’d probably enjoy it now. We did not arrive there intending to review it, but the food made us think otherwise!

We quickly browsed the menus and selected a main meal (no time for starters!), Bonita settled for the Thai Chicken Curry pot, and I settled on the Liver and Bacon pot. We were then told that the pots take longer to make, up to 40 minutes, but we really didn’t feel like anything else once we’d made up our minds so we asked whether the waitress could hurry the order considering there was only 45 minutes to curtain. Well, the service couldn’t have been better, within 25 minutes our food was on the table (with a friendly smile and a laugh to boot)!

I must do a parallel with a movie now, that hopefully any food lover has seen – Ratatouille. At one point, the food critic takes a bite and has a flashback to childhood and his mother’s cooking. I could have sworn my own mother was in the kitchen, and these were her mashed potatoes (my mother makes the best mashed potatoes EVER). The pot contained livers, onion and bacon rashers in a wonderful gravy sauce. Coupled with the mash, I would have to say that these are the best livers I have ever had in a restaurant. Unbelievably tender, with the most divinely meaty taste.

I could not get enough, even though I was beyond stuffed! If you are a fan of good English pub grub, do yourself a favour and head over to Cobblestones in Montecasino.   They have a fully stocked bar, and a kitchen to match!

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Cobblestone Pub, Montecasino


  1. One of my favourite places to go. Good food – great beer and wonderful place for a laugh or two.

  2. This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

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