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Posted by on 7 Jan 2010 in Reviews | 2 comments

Cobblestone Pub, Montecasino

Cobblestone Pub, Montecasino

2 words: Cobblestone Pots… ok wait, 1 more word.. WOW!! Cobblestones has a “Potjie Pots” selection – meals that are served in miniature potjie pots, along with a choice of rice or mash. On a previous visit, I had the prawn curry pot, and was happily satisfied.

This time around, I decided to try the Thai Chicken Curry pot, while Ross ordered the Liver Pot. We were warned that the pots do take longer to prepare – around 30-40mins. Since we were off to watch a show at the Teatro after dinner, and already pressed for time, we started to look at other options in the menu. However, I reeeeally wanted Chicken Curry, and we asked whether they’d be able to speed up the order by any chance. Our waitress told us that she’d see what she could do and, true to her word, she got the staff to rush rush the meal and we had it within 25-30mins! The rush didn’t affect the quality. The pot was absolutely delicious!

As soon as the food arrived, I munched it all up, without even the thought of snapping a picture first. You’ll have to head over to Cobblestone Pub yourself to see and experience one of these meals.

Unfortunately we had to rush off straight after our meal, but I would’ve liked to head over to the bar for an after-dinner drink.. They have Guinness on tap! ๐Ÿ˜€

Cobblestone Pub, Montecasino
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  1. hmmm potjie *drool* – can you remember what other potjie pot meals they offered?

    • From what I can remember, they had the Thai Chicken Curry Pot, a Liver Pot, something along the lines of an Oxtail Pot, a Prawn Curry Pot… and I’m quite sure there was one more.. mmm… ๐Ÿ˜€

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