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Posted by on 29 Apr 2010 in Reviews | 0 comments

Doppio Zero, Southdowns

Doppio Zero, Southdowns

Winter: the time for heaters, scarves, gloves, gluwein, weekend mornings spent in bed with steaming coffee (and one’s laptop), and of course, perhaps best of all, soup! Soups, stews and other foods that warm you up from the inside, making winter more bearable. With this in mind, we set out to Doppio Zero in Southdowns, seeking something to warm our bellies.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed to a seat near the fish pond in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Then again “corner” is perhaps not the right word, as all Doppio Zeros I’ve seen are set in a round building.

I was distracted away from my table by the selection of freshly baked breads and rolls at the entrance. Although I’m not one for day-to-day breads, give me fresh home-baked style bread and I may gobble up a great chunk! I would definitely recommend the breads at Doppio Zero for a hosted dinner party, braai or get-together.

Ross started off with an antipasto (correct me if this term is wrong) of Grilled Squid Heads served with ciabatta. He raved about it the whole time being a perfectly sized and tasty starter!

I had my mind set on 2 different dishes, but decided to settle on my initial idea of having soup, and went with the “Rustic Minestrone”. Rustic indeed, in the sense of simple and homely, as this was served in a deep terracotta bowl, and reminded me of the homemade soup I had as a child; made in an enormous pot on the stove, and saved up in containers in the fridge, ready for reheating on the cold winter days ahead. The Doppio Zero’s soup (or “zuppa”) flavour was quite the same as the home-made version, and consisted of diced carrots, green beans, broccoli, celery and potatoes.

Ross had the Gnocchi con Agnello – potato dumplings in a lamb stew. I can’t quite remember having ever tried gnocchi, so decided to sample a piece. The flavours from the lamb sauce were delicious, but as Ross mentioned gnocchi is an acquired taste, and the texture did not quite work for me. The lamb however was omnomnom!

Our wine for the evening was a Cab Sauv Merlot blend Rupert & Rothschild Classique. Coupled with the taste of my minestrone soup, the wine took on a slight strawberry flavour, and I think I finally grasped the “aftertaste of berries” concept, mentioned on numerous red wine write-ups.

I have always been a fan of pastas and italian foods, and I’m quite sure we’ve found a new favourite restaurant for general weekend lunches or dinners. Doppio Zero Southdowns is a definite recommendation!

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