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Posted by on 20 Dec 2009 in Reviews | 0 comments

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant – Brooklyn

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant – Brooklyn

For the past few days, I have had a craving for Chinese food, so after seeing Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant last week at Brooklyn Mall, we decided to check it out for supper.   We walked in to be greeted by friendly staff members, and were guided to a lovely quiet table at the back of the restaurant.   The restaurant has great decor, and will keep your eyes occupied for quite a while as you are transported into a mini China within Brooklyn.

We had a look through their rather expansive wine list and stopped on the Saki, which is available in a 180 ml bottle or by the single cup.   It was served nice and warm, and went down very quickly!   For starters, I ordered the deep fried pork dumplings, while Bonita had the wun tun soup.   The dumplings were very hot, but oh so nice!   They were served with sweet and sour sauce, as well as something I have never seen done before, soy sauce filled with chopped up jalapenos.   The flavour from this sauce, combined with the deep fried pork, made for a surprisingly light and tasty starter.

Now I’m normally quite set in my ways as far as Eastern food goes, but I figured it was time to try something new.   I was looking at having the duck, until I laid eyes on the “Young-Chou Mi Faan”.   We placed our orders, and the food was brought out exceptionally quickly.   This meal consisted of rice noodles, shrimps, diced honey-roasted pork, egg, onions, green pepper and carrots, and was every bit as delicious as the images the menu conjured!   I love a meal where you can taste every ingredient individually, and this meal was just that.   One flavour stood out above everything, that of the pork, and it was nothing short of divine!

For dessert, we both ordered the deep fried banana with ice cream, and were pleasantly surprised when the portions were larger than what was stated in the menu!   The dessert was much richer than I was expecting, but so nice that I could simply not put my fork down!

This was a great meal with huge portions of everything ordered (part of which became breakfast the next day).   The pricing is great and the selection is huge and easily caters for a very wide variety of tastes.   The food is brilliant as was the service making for an excellent evening out.

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