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Posted by on 29 Sep 2010 in Reviews | 1 comment

Panda House Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Panda House Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

We just returned from dinner at Panda House, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen the Panda House Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Rooihuiskraal before, and from the logo and overall look I gathered that it was more of a contemporary/modern Asian restaurant. Tonight we wanted to have sushi somewhere we hadn’t tried before, and came across the Panda House Restaurant on Jean Avenue. I was pleased to find that it is actually a quaint Chinese-styled restaurant and take away, and not the modernised version of “zen” that I had initially thought.

Our host, Sonny (hope I have spelled this correctly!), went out of his way to make us feel welcome, explaining the proper method behind preparing sushi, and chatting to us about life in China.

I decided to start with a Won Ton Soup before moving on to satisfy my sushi craving. I can truly say that this was one of the best prepared Won Ton Soups I’ve ever had! The flavour was slightly peppery, but not too over-spiced. Not only did the soup have a good helping of carrots and leafy vegetables added to it, but there were even more won tons in than listed in the menu (6 instead of 4).

Onto the main meal! I went for the Roll Platter – a sushi platter consisting of Salmon California Rolls, Rainbow Rolls, Prawn California Rolls and Crab California Rolls. Absolutely delicious! I always feel bad when I can’t quite finish my meal at a Chinese restaurant, but I was happy to take the rest of my sushi home for lunch the next day.

Ross had the Crispy Beef, and from the first bite he agreed that we’ll be coming back to Panda House more regularly.

One of the things that made this restaurant really comfortable was the hospitality of our host, Sonny, as well as our friendly waiter and sushi chef. It was also very homely to see the family sit down to dinner together later in the evening, in a quiet corner of the restaurant.

Although this restaurant may be slightly more pricey than the average Chinese Take Away & Restaurant, the overall experience is worth coming back to.

The general rule with Chinese take away restaurants applies here: the sit down menu is always more expensive than the take away one, but in this case it was well worth it.

At the end of our meal, Sonny offered us each a fortune cookie. Mine had such an amazing message that I had to capture the moment, and in doing so I happened to create a friend for the nomnomnom fortune cookie!

Panda House Chinese Restaurant Sushi Bar Fortune Cookie

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Le Capitaine, Mauritius

1 Comment

  1. Hi Bonita,

    Thanks for the good reviews of the restaurants. But I think you should list out all the restaurants that you have reviewed as a hyperlinked list. Also if you can post google map directions. It will be even more awesome :).

    Thanks again for the lovely reviews. Keep the good work coming


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