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Posted by on 18 Feb 2010 in Reviews | 2 comments

Real Sushi, Norwood

Real Sushi, Norwood

Thanks to Bonita, I had this insane and insatiable craving for sushi today. I asked a colleague for her recommendation on a good sushi spot near our offices, and she recommended Real Sushi; absolutely raving about their fashion sandwiches. So, lunch hour arrived and I donned my helmet and headed towards the parking garage…

On arriving in Grant avenue for the first time (and any Joburger will agree), your eyes are opened as to just how many vehicles can be creatively crammed into one street. Finding parking in Norwood is almost as bad as finding a needle in a haystack. Surprisingly though (it was a sign!) there was a wide open space right in front of Real Sushi. I walked inside and was greeted by three friendly staff members standing next to a conveyor belt lined up with all sorts of tantalising bits of raw fish and rice!

I browsed through the menu and was astonished at the price of everything! A portion of 4 maki pieces starts at R9! R9! I placed my order for 4 pieces of prawn maki, 4 pieces of salmon california rolls, 4 pieces of prawn california rolls, and of course, 2 pieces of fashion sandwiches (how can you not try something that has been that highly recommended?).

I must admit that I was in a bit of a hurry, but all of that was put aside when I found myself positively mesmerized by the chef deftly slicing salmon into wafer thin slices in front of me; truly an artform! My food arrived neatly packaged as quickly as I had ordered it. With that, I paid, slid the neat package into my reflective vest, and headed back to the office.

Unwrapping the sushi, I was met with the smell of fresh fish and ginger, what a pleasure! As I normally do with sushi, I took a good look at the salmon which was pink and as fresh as if it had just left the ocean, no brown tinges of any kind. The taste of the sushi was just as fresh as it looked, and I was faced with the dilemma of savouring the flavour of each bite, or finishing the bite quickly so that I could try the next piece! The fashion sandwiches were indeed different, with a bit of a coleslaw type salad packed into it, definitely something I would recommend trying at least once! (Thanks Carla!)

This food really deserves sitting down in the restaurant, and I definitely will do this next time. If you are in the Norwood area, please swing past, you won’t be sorry!

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  1. Without a doubt one of the best sushi places in JHB. To be honest out of all the places we have been to in my opinion they have they best portions at the best prices. We go there at least once per week!

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