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Posted by on 13 Mar 2010 in Reviews | 6 comments

The Cardamom Pod

The Cardamom Pod

A new restaurant recently opened up in the Rooihuiskraal area, and we decided to go try it out. With a name such as “The Cardamom Pod” and modern logo and styling, we guessed that the meals would be authentic indian with a slightly funky vibe. The restaurant definitely features a variety of Indian dishes, but also offers a selection of regular toasted sandwiches and breakfasts. However, the vibe is more rustic, with only the slightest Indian decor touches. The bar is decently stocked with a vast selection of whiskeys (of course, Ross made sure that I included this piece of info!)..

For starters, Ross and I shared a portion of mutton samoosas (two samoosas make up one portion). These were served with a selection of 3 spicy sauces, all of these rather spicy, with the orangey/yellow sauce being the most fiery. These added a spicy tang to the samoosas, however if you’re not a fan of incredibly spicy food, perhaps skip a dip in the sauces altogether.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When our main course arrived, there was a very distinct spice smell. We couldn’t quite make out what it was, but we settled our guess on dhania. The main course consisted of Chicken Curry for me, and Mutton Roti for Ross. We had a choice of mild, medium or hot and I decided to go for mild, as I figured that this would be something along the lines of “slight-mouth-burn-with-great-flavour”. Ross decided to be brave and try medium, which I guessed would be “mouth-on-fire-mixed-with-flavour-hints”. (Hot would be “mouth-on-fire-please-bring-milk-NOW”)..

I had guessed completely wrong though. My mild Chicken Curry was spicy, but definitely not “hot”. This in fact would be perfect for anyone trying out curry for the first time. The mediumly spiced Roti that Ross ordered was more what we had expected a mildly spiced dish to be. Next time I think I’ll even dare to try the “hot” option!

Other selections on the menu include Breyani, Bunny Chow and Vegetarian dishes.

After dinner we tried the speciality “Cardamom Ice Cream”. We were informed by the host that they had to do a great deal of searching before they found someone who could make this for them. The flavour of this ice cream was incredibly interesting and can best be described as “sweet, spicy and refreshing”. The cardamom spice flavour is also enhanced when you allow the ice cream to swirl around in your mouth for a few seconds.

The meals were good, and very reasonably priced. Be sure to check out The Cardamom Pod if you’re ever in the Rooihuiskraal area, even if it’s only to try out the Cardamom Ice Cream!

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  1. Wow! Now this sounds like a great little find. I’ll make a poin of checking it out & choosing HOT..

  2. Sounds like an interesting spot. I’m a big fan on Indian food and battle to find a good southern Indian spot in Jozi – yes I’m from KZN. It would be great to know more about the sides on the menu and those dips – as in what they were called. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One item I find hard to find is good roti. The northern Indian spots tend to make thick roti thats more like a thinner version of naan bread.

    All in all a good review, it’ll have me driving through to try it out.

  3. Funny that I saw this review as we live around the corner and decided last night to try this new little restaurant (however we just got take aways). Me not being a fan of spicy food, of course, went for the mild option with my husband having the hot. It was awesome throughly enjoyed by both of us. Best part its enough for two meals. We will most certainly be returning.

  4. Sounds interesting. Will be sure to make a turn when I’m in the area…

  5. Divine mutton curry, loved the rottis and enjoyed the soji for dessert – like eating in a “Durban” Indian resto, now we know where to go for aroma, not burn, just flavour.

  6. Hi, where is this place in Rooihuiskraal?

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