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Posted by on 13 Dec 2009 in Reviews | 0 comments

The Godfather – Centurion

The Godfather – Centurion

We decided to try one of the restaurants suggested to us, namely The Godfather in Centurion.   We arrived not quite knowing what to expect as well as sans-booking, but the friendly staff at the door added us to a waiting list and pointed us in the direction of the bar next door, where a tab would be opened for us.

The bar area was relatively small, but had more than enough place to accommodate about 20 people.   Some whisky served just-the-way-we-like-it was on the cards, and it arrived as such, double with exactly 2 blocks of ice.   Next to us was a display of biltong, we bought a piece and were given a cutting block and a steak knife.   I think we filled up on this more than we should have, but it was so tasty that we could not resist gulping down piece after piece.   After the biltong, we took a look at their decent cigar collection and settled on a Clubmaster vanilla.

After what seemed like about 20 minutes (we weren’t really keeping track) we were called to our table.   The smell of food grilling as you walk into the restaurant is awesome, and definitely is a ‘taste’ of things to come!   We were seated and handed menus and a wine list.   The wine selection is great, and as an added bonus there are recommendations next to each bottle of wine as to what meals from the menu it would compliment.   We settled on the Nick and Fortis 2005 Shiraz, and were highly impressed by it!   No wonder it is multi award winning!   For starters, I went for snails and Bonita went for the jalapeno poppers.   The snails were fantastic, with quite a lot of garlic and some very tasty grilled cheese over the top of it.   It was great to also have fresh bread served with the snails, quite often I find that this is not the case at restaurants we go to.

Claudia, our waitress for the evening, came and took our orders for main course.   I took forever to decide on this, as The Godfather have an enormously wide selection of meals to cater for all tastes.   I ultimately got stuck on the ladies spare ribs (laugh it up, their ‘ladies’ portion is 600g, with the men’s portion weighing in at a whopping 1.2kg!), and Bonita the chocolate chilli steak.   In no time at all the food arrived with a smile.   I haven’t had ribs for ages, but I always remember having to wash up afterwards after looking like I’ve just come from Attila the Hun’s dining table, so with that in mind I rolled back my sleeves, grabbed my knife and fork, and started cutting in between the ribs.   To my absolute amazement, the pressure I put on the meat caused the bone to just ‘jump’ out.   The ribs are done to such perfection, that I simply slid the bones out for the rest of the rack.   Un-be-lievable!   The flavour of the basting and the tenderness of the meat were mind blowing!   The best part is there was also very little fat, just pure unadulterated meat!   The chips should also be mentioned here, crisp and golden on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, the perfect compliment to the meal!   Ultimately, we both needed doggy bags…

Once our plates were taken away, we were offered the dessert menus.   I was full.   Very full.   So I opted for a liquid dessert in the form of Remy Martin cognac, which came in a heated glass, with another glass underneath to steam it and coffee beans for added airoma.   As always, a great way to finish a meal.   Bonita went for the crème brûlée (I was too full to contemplate having one), and from the small taste I had, it was very nom!

After our dessert, we moved back to the bar area and I finished off the cigar with the last of our wine.   The service at Godfather was outstanding, with Claudia arriving with impeccable timing each and every time, not once did we have to call for service, nor did we feel like we were being bombarded, an excellent balance.

We will definitely be going here again, I have a personal challenge to conquer a 1.2kg T-bone…

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