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Posted by on 19 Dec 2009 in Reviews | 3 comments

The Godfather Steakhouse

The Godfather Steakhouse

Last weekend we decided to go for a celebratory dinner at The Godfather in Centurion. We had not made a reservation and so, upon arrival were requested to wait in the bar area until a table was ready. The bar is quite cosy, with a relaxed vibe. As a pre-meal appetiser, we purchased a chunk of biltong from the bar (and quite a chunk it was)! This was presented on a cutting board, with a steak knife. The biltong was firm and dry on the outside but red and tender on the inside, providing a tasty chew.

Finally, at the table! We chose to have the full “sha-bang” – starters, main course and dessert, with a red wine of course! 😀

For starters, I had the jalapeno poppers. These are served with the option of either guacamole or sweet thai chilli sauce. I opted for the guacamole. Quite different to the usual serving method I’ve seen so far, The Godfather’s jalapeno poppers were served in a batter, with a generous helping of cheese, and sliced jalapenos. (Opposed to having the full jalapenos stuffed with cheese, with a crispy batter around the outside).

For my main meal, I had the Chilli-Chocolate Steak.. Yup! Chilli and chocolate. A combined taste like nothing I’ve ever nommed! The sauce was thick and incredibly delcious, and complimented the steak superbly. 😀

Delicious chocolate-chilli steak, grilled to perfection.

Delicious chocolate-chilli steak, grilled to perfection. (Cellphone photo, please excuse the random blue light!)

Ross had the “Ladies” Ribs.. a 600g rack of ribs in a BBQ basting.. What a rack!! lol!! I’m not sure how many ladies out there can really finish this meal in one sitting.

Yes, that's 600g of ribs - the "Ladies" portion!

Yes, that’s 600g of ribs – the “Ladies” portion!

With our meal, we had a bottle of Nick & Forti’s 2005 Shiraz. On the wine list, this was recommended to go with the Chilli Chocolate steak (the wine list includes quite a few of these meal recommendations). And, correct indeed! The rich and spicy chilli-chocolate sauce was definitely complimented by this choice of wine.

Nick & Forti's 2005 Shiraz - as recommended on the wine list to compliment the Chilli-Chocolate steak.

Nick & Forti’s 2005 Shiraz – compliments the Chilli-Chocolate steak.

Other interesting meals on the menu included the Godfather 1,2kg T-Bone, and the Godfather 750g Rump. Be prepared to take a doggy bag! Indeed, we had to do this with our meals, and it’s worth a mention that the steak was still incredibly delicious after an evening in the fridge. I can’t quite decide which I prefer more – hot steak straight off the grill, or mouthwatering chilled steak.. Both are equally delicious in their own ways!

The Godfather also boasts a full homeware range store in the restaurant, where you can purchase various kitchen items.

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  1. Hmmm sounds very nice but I’m still contemplating whether or not I should one day give a chili-chocolate steak a bash…

    • You don’t know what you are missing until you do!

  2. Very nice, I am so wanting to dine and visit very soon!

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